Getting The Most Out of See It, Buy It

See It, Buy It is an Artificial Intelligence-based apparel marketplace. We use advanced next generation search technology to help users discover products in a more natural (and faster) way – visually.

While we do most of the heavy lifting in terms of acquiring new users for our merchants and helping them find what they are seeking quickly, there are some things that merchants can do to help increase their success on See It, Buy It. Here’s some examples:

Save Your Products To Collections

Collections help us better categorize your products. We identify products visually and assign our own internal categories for every product, but we also use the text provided to us by our merchants to make our search results even better.

Try to name your collections using terminology as close to industry standard as possible.

Use Tags

Add detailed keyword tags to every product. The ideal structure is something to the effect of:

  • women’s – dress – mini – party – floral – summer – sleeveless
  • men’s – shoes – dress – leather – tie
  • girl’s – top – halter - lace

The more detailed you are, the better chance you have in showing up near the top of search results. Shopify does not have fields for gender or product category, so adding in this information product visibility.

Use Great Images

See It, Buy It uses AI to analyze images and extract features and colors from them for matching. High quality images that are very specific to the product you are promoting will also enhance your search rankings. If you are offering a sweater and the image is 60% complex background, 20% slacks and 20% sweater, the search engine will have a hard time recognizing your target product. Simple backgrounds and product close-ups work best.

Also, use multiple views of the same product whenever possible. People will submit a picture of an apparel item that they like and it could be take from any angle. The more views you have (up to 8) the better. 

Product images with multiple views of the same product in a single image DO NOT work well in See It, Buy It.

Use Sale Prices To Re-Engage

Whenever a product goes on sale, the users who have recently viewed, shared or favorited that product will get a sale alert, both in the app and by email. Also, products that are on sale get “On Sale” tagging in See It, Buy It.

Regularly Add New Products

New products get exposure in the Just In section of the app. Existing products that have been modified will not show up in this section. Also, new products get “New” tagging in See It, Buy It.

Upload A Size Chart

Users are generally more likely to buy clothing when they can view a size chart. You can upload a size chart in the See It, Buy It dashboard. We’ll show the image in a scalable web inside See It Buy It.

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