What is See It, Buy It?

(Updated: August 29, 2016)

See It, Buy It (SIBI) is a next-generation, mobile 1 st apparel marketplace. It changes the traditional search paradigms from text and point & click navigation to visual and voice discovery.

Search on mobile, especially when shopping, has been a point of friction for e-tailers. Twice as many people check out when shopping on the desktop as they do on mobile. Part of the problem is the time it takes a shopper to find what they are looking for. Big fingers, little keys and trying to help a text-based search engine figure out what you really are looking for all contribute to high attrition and abandoned shopping carts.

Shopping the “Natural” Way

SIBI circumvents this problem by allowing users to search visually, the same way they shop naturally when in a store or mall. Users can snap a picture of something they like that might be a little too expensive or not exactly what they are looking for and See It, Buy It present dozens of alternatives to consider, some possibly less expensive, others perhaps a closer match to the shopper’s actual interests. 

And when a shopper selects an item of interest they find when searching on SIBI, additional matches are delivered for that new selection, creating a natural “funneling” process, getting the user to items of higher interest - faster.

See It, Buy It is all about providing more choices for our shoppers and accelerating the time to discovery. Here’s a demo of the Shop by Photo experience.

See It, Buy It Matching Precision

SIBI uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI, Deep Learning) to deliver amazing matches when presented with an image. Facebook uses similar technology to detect people in images. Deep Learning requires a large volume of images to be effective, which is why we built the See It, Buy It marketplace. Most e-tailers would simply never have enough products to take advantage of the benefits of AI when it comes to apparel shopping (without considering the years of development effort). Here’s a demo of the matching quality of SIBI.

Shop by Color

Everyone has favorite colors, especially when it comes to fashion. See It, Buy It allows shoppers to pick their favorite color (from 1000s of choices) and all the products that most closely match that color selection. The customer can then easily filter the products to show only the specific category they are interested in (dress, shirt, jacket, etc.). Shopping by color is also great for creating “looks” or outfits, perhaps with a matching top and shoes. Here’s a demo of the Shop by Color experience.

See It on the Web, Find It on See It, Buy It

Often you will see an apparel item you like on the web. Taylor Swift or Justin Timberlake might be wearing it in a blogpost for example. Now you can simply copy the web page URL and paste it into SIBI Web Search area and you can select any image on the page to match for products in See It, Buy It. Simple. Clean. Elegant.

Search by…Voice.

Voice input is becoming the norm these days, especially for millennials. SIBI’s 4 th search paradigm puts voice ahead of text search. Just click on the microphone icon and tell See It, Buy It what you are looking for and matches will appear. Then you can visually fine tune the search, with similar item funneling or by using our advanced filtering system.

Native Mobile Apps

See It, Buy It will be available from the beginning of October in the US and Canadian Android and Apple app stores. During the next 12 months, SIBI will be rolled out to additional markets throughout the world.

See It, Buy It on the Desktop

A desktop version of SIBI will be available to complement the mobile apps and will also be launched sometime in October.

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