Prohibited Products

See It Buy It is a global community of many types of people of different ages and backgrounds, who all have the right to feel comfortable and who may not think what you think. 

Products See It Buy It prohibits include:

  • Products that promote or support violence or instruct others to engage in illegal activity
  • Products that promote, support or glorify hatred toward or otherwise demean people based upon race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, disability or sexual orientation.
  • Products that are replicas and counterfeits
  • Products created with any form of pornography included
  • Products that promote, glorify or support self-harm
  • Products created from human remains or body parts
  • Products created from ivory or bones from ivory-producing animals
  • Products created using hazardous materials
  • Listings and avatars can't contain images of nudity and/or items that can't be modeled on a real person or mannequin

All non-apparel products such as:

  • Beauty and health products.
  • Mugs, stickers, posters, pillow covers, mouse pads, phone cases, etc.
  • Children's' products. We are not accepting children's items at this moment.
  • R or X rated content. Lingerie that exposes parts of the body generally considered private.

This is not an exhaustive list. See It Buy It reserves the right to remove products that we determine are not within the spirit of See It Buy It. Such products will be removed from See It, Buy It, and the user’s account can be suspended and/or terminated, and have their IP banned.

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