Merchant Requirements

See It, Buy It is an apparel marketplace exclusively. 

Only products in the fashion/apparel categories can be included. These include adult clothes, shoes and fashion accessories like hats and bags. 

All non-apparel products and sites that are not apparel-focused will be rejected for inclusion on See It, Buy It.

  • No mugs, stickers, posters, pillow covers, mouse pads, phone cases, etc.
  • No childrens' products. We are not accepting children's items at this moment.
  • No R or X rated content. Lingerie shops that have products that expose parts of the body generally considered private will likely be rejected.
  • Duplicate catalogs. If your inventory matches inventory already in the shop, we cannot accept it.
  • Sites with bad or broken HTML names, descriptions or listings. If you have a color variant listed as (0165D) or as (see picture).

This is not an exhaustive list. See It, Buy It reserves the right to remove products that we determine are not within the spirit of See It, Buy It. Such products will be removed from See It, Buy It, and the user’s account can be suspended and/or terminated, and have their IP banned.

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